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U.S. Veterans - Tell Your Story!

The Veterans History Project collects first-hand accounts of U.S. Veterans from all branches of the military and from all service duties. The initiative was created by Congress in 2000, and the Atlantic County Historical Society has been a contributor to the project since 2007. 

Interviews are conducted locally and may be requested by contacting us

The Library of Congress archives the interviews and makes some of them available digitally through the website: Veterans History Project. The Atlantic County Historical Society also archives a copy of each interview and makes them available for research in the Library.

See the list of local veterans interviewed to date

To share your valued place in our country’s history, you might consider the following topics as a guideline for your interview, feeling free to convey what you choose to, and to do so in your own words. Each interview lasts at least 30 minutes. 

  1. A Few Biographical Details: When and where you were born; family details such as parents and siblings; any family background of military service and what you were doing before entering the service.
  2. Early Days of Service: Draft or enlistment; if enlisted, the reason for choosing your specific branch of service; boot camp (basic) experience and adaptation to military environment; specialized training, if applicable.
  3. Wartime Service: Where you served; details of relocations and travel, including abroad, if applicable; combat experience or duties away from combat areas; emotions relating to combat such as assaults or casualties; friendships formed; communications to/from home; recreational or off-duty activities.
  4. War’s End, Coming Home: How you learned war was over and where you were at that time; how you got home and how long it took; reception by family and community; continued ties to comrades, service in veterans groups and reunions.
  5. Reflections: How did your wartime/military experiences affect your life and are there any life lessons learned from your military service.
  6. Supporting materials: If you have any photos, letters, journals or other documents (like DD214) from your military service which you would like added to your interview record, please bring those items with you so we may copy them at the time of your interview.

Funding has been made possible in part by the NJ Historical Comrnission, a division of Cultural Affairs within the Department of State, through funds administered by the Atlantic County Office of Cultural and Heritage Affairs.